Middle School Programs

Serving All Connecticut and Westchester County, NY Elementary Schools

Serving All Connecticut and Westchester County, NY Elementary Schools
High Touch High Tech scientists will be at your school for 90 minutes, engaging students in non-stop, hands-on, FUN learning.

Our programs meet all state standards and enhance success on standardized tests.

For more information about how to bring High Touch High Tech to your school please contact us.

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Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

Middle School Programs: Sixth Through Eighth Grade

A Clockwork Orbit©
Shed light on night and day. Learn where the moon is hiding. Get a hands-on look at our orbit. See why the Earth's angle affects the seasons. Make and keep a sun dial.

Fun Machines©
Finally, a hands-on and FUN program on machines. Lift your teacher with our lever, and become strong with our pulleys. Figure out how simple machines do complicated jobs.

Gene's Print Shop©
Look deep into cells and see how they divide and pass on genes from your parents to you. Create a colony of “Reebops” to discover the chances of inheriting a particular trait".

Globs, Goo and Guts©
Roll up your sleeves and make all kinds of icky sticky stuff! Have a hands-on look at real cow hearts and other organs. Learn the systems of the body, and find out what makes us tick!

Material Matters©
Experiment with density, solubility and magnetism to understand elements and mixtures. Learn how compounds behave differently from the elements they are composed of.

Newton in the Nutshell©
Stop and Go with all kinds of forces. React to inertia, friction & gravity. Find out what makes things move, rotate, revolve and stop with Newton's laws of motion.

Silly Cells©
Discover the amazing world of cells as you make an edible cell. Look at you own cells through a microscope. Build a working neuron. Become a geneticist, and extract REAL DNA!

The Tao of Science©
Learn to think in "the scientific way". Become an alien and learn to observe new life forms. Generate questions and design experiments to learn the principles of bouyancy. Validate scientific "laws" as you bounce light and escape from a maze. See how scientists get past their biases.

Water Water Everywhere©
Discover the amazing properties of water. Follow the water as it freezes, evaporates and circulates. See how it shapes the Earth and sustains life. Purify water using distillation and filtration.

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather, as we take an up close and hands-on look at a real tornado. Watch as we make clouds and rain indoors . Discover all the amazing properties of air and air pressure. Touch lightning! Make the conditions change as we lift ice cubes with a string.

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Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

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